Florida Atlantic University – Florida Atlantic University Undergraduate Law Journal

The Undergraduate Law Journal is an academic research journal containing articles prepared by students using both peer review protocols and faculty review. Using a collaboration model, students choose the subjects and formulate a strategy to produce the journal. They work together to secure the skills needed to accomplish legal writing. They also edit, prepare marketing strategies, seek law firm sponsors, and prepare distribution channels. The experience affords participating students an opportunity to engage in an impressive academic project, to develop advanced critical thinking skills, to acquire relevant legal writing skills and to acquire business experience. Florida Atlantic University Undergraduate Law Journal is a publication of undergraduate legal scholarship. FAU undergrads are welcome to participate in the program through managing the editorial process and contributing research articles covering a wide array of legal issues. Our goal is to enrich the academic life of undergraduates at FAU and to offer opportunity for intellectual discourse and debate grounded in scholarly research. The Spring 2017 Journal was released in hard copy and digitally through the FAU Digital Library Program. A digital copy of the Spring 2017 Journal may be found at http://journals.fcla.edu/FAU-UndergraduateLawJournal. Please follow us on Owl Central: https://fau.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/lawjournal