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Welcome to the Intercollegiate Law Journal (ILJ)! We are thrilled to create this collaborative platform for undergraduate students to focus on a range of legal and policy subject matters. We inhabit a unique space in the academic world and can offer equally unique analytical insight about some of today’s most pressing legal questions.

This group began as a partnership between the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy and the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal, and rapidly expanded to include publications from across the United States and Canada. Our content will feature the highest quality, most thought-provoking pieces from each associated journal. In the spirit of collegiality, we remain happily open to other journals who may want to join in this collaboration, and urge readers to also visit our respective websites.

If you would like to submit your work to be considered for publication in one of our journals, please contact us individually and submit your work according to each publication’s guidelines.

Best Wishes,

The ILJ Inaugural Team

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